Thursday, August 11, 2011

FREE Spanish Curriculum!

So in my search for a Spanish curriculum I was finding only curriculums to teach Spanish as a second language.  They were mostly for high school and I wasn't finding much to choose from.  Since my children are already bilingual I wanted something a little different.  So I began searching for curriculum from Mexico and came across a website that allows you to download material that is being taught in Mexico's public school system.  And it's FREE!

Flipping through it I found plenty to edit out.  Things that just wouldn't be appropriate to use in our Christian homeschool.  But even after the editing I still have what seems to be a good amount of material to use.  I will probably use more of the first grade material with my 4 year old because it's seems more appropriate.  But if you are a bilingual family looking for an affordable Spanish curriculum I'd check out the website.  They have a downloads for all grades and teacher book downloads also.

Check it out HERE

FYI  This website is a Mexican website so if you don't speak Spanish you may have difficulty using it.

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