Thursday, August 4, 2011

My FREE Way To Make Sure We Are At Or Above The Level Of Public Education

One of my (and my husband's) biggest questions in beginning to homeschool is how do we know we are teaching what they need to keep up with public school education.  

Here's what I'm doing.  I searched for public school curriculums in my area.  I couldn't find our district's curriculum.  Not sure if it's available or not, but I easily found and printed out a neighboring district's kindergarden curriculum.  My only "expense" was paper ink and 4 $0.50 folders to keep them in. 

Now we are doing preschool but I'll try to loosely follow the kindergarden curriculum anyway. 

Reading through it has really helped me solidify my husband and my decision to homeschool.  They address drugs, family relationships, and several other topics with kindergardeners.  These are subjects I'd much rather address from a Biblical perspective at home than having a public school teach my children about them from a worldly perspective.  I also noticed that the entire six weeks term where halloween falls, everything is focused on halloween, especially in Science (they study pumpkins, bats, and spiders). Considering the Truth I know about halloween, I'd rather not have my son participate even for one day, much less an entire six week term!

I'd encourage you to do a little searching on the internet if your children are in public school or you're in the decision making process about their education.  Find out what they are being taught.  The information could be just a google search away.

Learning as we go! 

Thanks for joining us in this homeschool journey.

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