Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our First Week!

We start school today! We've got a mostly done, extremely extensive, enormous Calendar wall, a semi done desk area you see pictured above, printables laid out for first day of school pictures, and weekly lesson plans written for the month of September! 

There's only 2 days this week so it'll be a short little intro to homeschooling and we'll get more into it next week.  I'll post my lesson plans and the materials I use each week and then blog about how it goes each day.

I'll start out explaining how everything will go.  I'll go over our calendar wall.  The date, weather, memory verse, etc.  I'll blog about that next week when it's finished.  I've got it 85% done right now.  We'll do some beginning evaluations from  We'll use that to choose some skill worksheets from the same website (this will be the first time any of my children are allowed to use scissors!).

We'll also be using the Answers For Preschoolers curriculum to cover several subjects.  It looks great and I'll be using it mostly with my 2 year old.  My plan is to take advantage of naptime.  My one year old takes a nap in the morning and afternoon.  My two year old takes a nap in the afternoon.  So I'll be working with both my 2 and 4 year old from the Answers For Preschoolers curriculum during the baby's morning nap and I'll work with my 4 year old on more advanced things during his brothers' afternoon nap.

What am I most worried about?  I don't have a globe.

So here's my lesson plans for week #1 (remember it's only for 2 days and doesn't include the testing and other misc. stuff I'll be doing)

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